Juve Handbuch Wirtschaftskanzleien 2019/2020

Oktober 2019

20 professionals listed; 9 as leading advisors
Juve Handbuch Wirtschaftskanzleien 2019/2020

In the 22nd edition of the Handbook of Commercial Law Firms (Handbuch Wirtschaftskanzleien), Juve ranks almost 800 law firms. An editorial team of 34 independent, permanently employed journalists has conducted extensive research on law firms, corporate officers, government officials and representatives of the judiciary and academia. P+P is listed with a total of 20 advisors, of which 9 are "leading" and is ranked in the top tier for private equity, venture capital and private clients/foundations.
The firm is the "absolute market leader" for its private clients advisory with the "leading" advisors Andreas Richter, Stephan Viskorf and Prof. Reinhard Pöllath ("creative, unconventional, extremely experienced"). Matthias Bruse continues to be one of the "frequently recommended" advisors. The team – which has expanded with the appointment of Maximilian Haag as partner – has mastered the entire cross-border repertoire of advising on both civil and fiscal law matters for clients, some of whom have billions of Euros in assets, including succession planning, asset structuring, structuring of family offices, foundation law and all national and international tax matters. The "effortless cooperation" with the corporate tax and corporate law practices guarantees the clients comprehensive advice.
The corporate law practice has developed into a "remarkably diverse" practice that advises, inter alia, international funds as minority shareholders in German corporations. Munich partner Eva Nase plays a major role in this respect. She is recommended by clients as a "very good corporate lawyer" and, in addition to advising family companies, she is also the driving force behind strengthening the connection to the venture capital practice with regard to public takeovers, stock corporation law and corporate group law. Many of these clients have continued to develop and some require complex corporate law advice. Matthias Bruse and Michael Inhester are among the "frequently recommended" advisors here as well.
Both Munich partners are well-known for M&A and private equity. Particularly for large transactions, Matthias Bruse is one of the "most prominent attorneys" and is praised by colleagues as a "brilliant mind, always pleasant and poised". Traditionally at P+P, the M&A practice is closely connected to private equity and almost all advisors, including Otto Haberstock and Jens Hörmann, are therefore recommended for both areas. Andrea von Drygalski, Philipp von Braunschweig and Frank Thiäner ("flexible, also helpful for restructuring") are considered "leading" advisors for private equity. Benedikt Hohaus is considered the "undisputed market leader" for management advisory, whose radius continues to expand along with his international clients. Meanwhile, the firm is so well-known internationally ("the firm's charisma"), that it advises a "notable number" of European funds on German investments.
P+P is also ranked in the top tier for venture capital with Christian Tönies as a "leading" advisor. The practice functions from time to time as a "multiplier for the entire firm", since many former startups meanwhile require extensive advice on corporate law for IPO exits and M&A.
The firm therefore has a broad spectrum of PE advisory that extends from VC to buyouts, advising shareholders and management and to fund structuring.
The private equity fund specialists belong to the "central advisors in the market" and this practice also holds a "pioneering role in the market" on advising joint vehicles of research institutions and public financiers. The regulatory law practice has also expanded with the appointment of Sebastian Käpplinger as partner. In particular, "frequently recommended" experts include Andreas Rodin ("highly recommended for tax matters"), Amos Veith and Uwe Bärenz.
The real estate law partners also have a "very good reputation throughout Germany" with Stefan Lebek as a "leading" advisor who is equally valued by colleagues and competitors: "I really enjoy working with him, very nice, good approach". Matthias Durst is also highly esteemed. According to clients, he is "simply the best" and even competitors appreciate him as a "pragmatic transactional lawyer with a "eye for the essentials". Clients praise the entire team as "strong negotiators and professionally excellent" that "handles large projects quickly" and knows the market "very well". In addition to financing, project development is also a pillar for which the team is considered "powerful".