P+P focuses traditionally on two areas: transactions (private equity, mergers & acquisitions, venture capial, real estate) and asset management (such as succession, family office, trusts, foundations, real estate). In these fields, P-P advisors have consistenly been ranked at the top of professional listings in national and international surveys. Accordingly, since its inception in 1997, P+P has grown its transactional practice to more than 130 lawyers (and over 300 employees in total) in Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt/M.

We pursue three interrelated goals for ourselves and everyone at P+P: expertise, enjoyment and earnings.

  1. Top training for expertise

    intense training 'on the job' and in internal and external seminars, of which we teach many;

  2. Enjoyment

    through professional success and advancement, and popular voluntary joint activities like ski and summer weekends;

  3. High-end earnings based on performance

    each lawyer at P+P should be at the top of his or her field, which translates into remuneration or profit share competitive with that in any other firm. Monetary performance is the subject matter of most of what we do for clients. While money is not the primary aim for ourselves in our work, it is a necessary by-product and a yardstick of our success.

An overview of our offerings

In addition to the multifaceted and exciting work with clients, we strive to offer our employees excellent professional and non-legal training and a pleasant working environment, to provide optimal support for their development - both on a personal level and within a team. Please read here for more information on our extensive offerings here (pdf in German).

Professional Training and Time Accounts:

Top training for top expertise is our joint investment in you and in P+P. We work hard, but quality has priority over maximizing "billable hours". During the first 3 years, we expect associates to spend as much as 10% of their time on training in internal or external seminars. We encourage you to participate in academic courses such as the LL.M. courses for Tax, M&A, Real Estate and Private Wealth Management at the University of Münster (which we support as co-founders, teachers and financial sponsors), to qualify as tax advisors or specialist solicitors (Fachanwälte) or to participate in legal English classes (at our offices or abroad). You invest time and effort, P+P invests by paying course fees and paying your full salary even while you are away for training. In order to ensure the high quality standard, we offer a tailor made training concept for associates.

P+P was recently nominated two times in a row for its extensive professional and non-legal training opportunities for the azur award "Training and Continuing Education", granted each year by the azur editors for special dedication.

Career Opportunities for Women at P+P

We want women to have the best career opportunities and we emphasize the reconcilability of family and career. We have a greater percentage of women employees than almost all other high-end transactional firms. We are proud of this fact. Women are very successful in all of our core practice areas and many of them have small children. We know that one must do a great deal to ensure that women have the same career opportunities as their male colleagues.

P+P offers an internal ladies' network that constantly contributes to improvements. Women from all our offices meet regularly for Ladies' Day or for a collective lunch to exchange ideas, discuss issues and, of course, find solutions.

Last but not least, the career magazine azur honored our efforts. In 2010, the azur editors granted P+P the 'azur Award Career and Family' and rated our training concept for associates, salary and family-friendliness as 'very good'. We understand this not only as recognition but also as motivation for the future.