Yes, we care!
We know that having a family and a career is a challenge for both mothers and fathers active in transactional practice. Thus, the solutions and assistance we offer are available to female and male colleagues alike.

Excellent performance, top quality and high-end service can only be achieved by total commitment and complete concentration on the part of our colleagues. We want you to be able to fully concentrate on your work for P+P. Therefore, we try to support you in organizing your daily routine.

Working parents only have a level head if their children are cared for in an optimal way. P+P endeavors to help provide ideal conditions. We offer collaborations with bilingual nursery schools, elementary schools and family services to ensure ideal care, as well as an in-house playroom in case of a shortage of care facilities. P+P lawyers with children may work part-time and receive home network access on an individual basis. We develop individual solutions tailored to suit the objectives and needs of working parents.

For our superior commitment to the reconcilability of family and career, we were awarded the azur award "Career and Family" by the azur editors in February 2010. We understand this not only as recognition but also as motivation for the future.

P+P offers children's events, like Christmas parties and creative workshops for both clients' and P+P kids. The colorful results of the workshops decorate our office walls.

Please talk to P+P colleagues to learn about their experiences and feel free to contact

Dr. Eva Nase
Tel.: +49 (89) 24240-272

Dr. Barbara Koch-Schulte
Tel.: +49 (89) 24240-372

Dr. Christoph Philipp
Tel.: +49 (89) 24240-223