P+P belongs to the TOP15 employers, according to azur, a publication for young legal professionals. In particular, P+P received praises for the intense and excellent legal training, the flexibility in terms of part-time work, the excellent personal mentoring and, last but not least, early assumption of responsibility and involvement in projects. To maintain our high standard, we are permanently looking for top people to join P+P and to contribute to its success.

You may join us

  • full-time or
  • on a temporary or part-time basis

We are very flexible in order to accommodate both your interests and ours, whether you want to start in the near future or at a later date.

At P+P, you will need to, and you will, develop three talents on your way to excellence, with our help, by realizing your own individual potential:


Technical legal expertise is the sole basis for your success as a lawyer at P+P. We expect (and will try to help) you to achieve excellence in a particular legal specialty. The most reliable (but not the sole or an unfailing) indicator of the ability to attain expertise are top grades on the final exams of your high school and on your first and second legal exams.


Most of our work is done in English. So you should have spent or intend to spend (with our help, if you would like) a year or more in an English-speaking country, preferably the U.S.


Beyond technical expertise and communication skills, convincing people (clients, adversaries, colleagues, agencies etc.) requires independence, the ability to listen and to say no, modesty, stamina, and various other character aspects. To enjoy life at P+P as an associate and later as a partner, you must make your own personal contribution. By definition, it is different from everyone else's – that's how you benefit P+P as a whole. For instance, one of us at P+P works only on pro bono matters, running a 'fund' for micro-loans to families in Southeast Asia and elsewhere. Most contributions to P+P are less exotic but equally impressive. With our support, it is up to you to make your own unique contribution.

Start now (!) by contacting P+P partners Jens Hörmann or Eva Nase via e-mail at karriere@pplaw.com or see us next year at one of the next job fairs Jurstart in Münster or JuraCon in Munich or at any time in one of our offices.