To qualify for an internship with P+P, you should distinguish yourself with good performance in academic studies, command of English and your personality.

Your previous grades are less important as a testimony with regard to what you have already achieved in the past. Rather, they are a valuable indication of what you can and want to achieve in the future. English is a must in our daily duties. The practical experience at P+P will help you to improve and perfect your language skills (also through internships and exchange programs abroad). Your personality is your most valuable asset; it can be reflected in various activities in which you have participated outside of your education.


Interns are invited to combine their work at P+P with their education at university and elsewhere. For instance, you may choose a private equity subject for your doctoral dissertation (from our list of suggestions or otherwise), discuss its practical aspects with a partner or associate at P+P working in this field, present your results in internal workshops, and publish it finally (with P+P support, if it qualifies as a substantial work, whether or not we agree with your conclusions).

Workshops and Foreign Internships

Likewise, interns may participate in P+P internal workshops and training opportunities, including also contributions of their own, e.g., based on their dissertation research, in P+P-conducted client or public seminars, conferences or courses, such as the Private Equity Training MUPET or the International Tax Summer Course, and the Berliner Steuergespräche, often in cooperation with major universities. Or they may do an internship or course abroad (e.g. at foreign law firms with which we are friendly).

Comments on P+P from our legal interns and trainee lawyers

"The opportunity to write papers on Kaiser [seminar provider / legal review course] is great! Very pleasant work environment and fantastic support."
Trainee lawyer in Munich

"I would particularly like to emphasize the involvement with practical work from the first day forward, the excellent work environment and the friendliness of all the employees. Thank you!"
Intern in Munich

"Thank you for the warm reception in the Munich team. Many things speak for an internship at P+P: having one's own office, direct supervision by mentors, direct communication and open doors, the intern colleagues and great food!"
Intern in Munich

"I really enjoyed the time at P+P. The difficulty of the tasks we were asked to master was absolutely appropriate. They were challenges, but the team is always ready to help whenever you need it. In a very short period of time, you get a comprehensive view of the material. The pleasant atmosphere and friendly relationships make you feel comfortable here."
Intern in Berlin

"Thank you for organizing everything so quickly. My mentor took a lot of time to describe the background clearly and in detail. I felt comfortable with the Frankfurt team and was able to gain valuable insight into P+P's work. The client-related work and research were very interesting and I learned a lot about international tax law."
Trainee lawyer in Frankfurt

"The friendly interaction with each other was particularly impressive. Even in personal conversations, the mentors were very open and honest."
Trainee lawyer in Berlin

"I enjoyed it very much, especially because we were fully integrated. I think is especially good that legal interns and trainee lawyers are offered advanced training."
Trainee lawyer in Munich

"It was very educational to be entrusted with multiple assignments for certain clients over a longer period of time. It was also good to have our own independent projects, on which we worked for a number of days."
Trainee lawyer in Munich

"Excellent support, a very pleasant work environment and delicious food!"
Trainee lawyer in Munich

"Thank you for the perfect all-around support during the internship! From the very beginning I was included in the daily work routine by ... and the whole team and therefore received very good insight into the work and the working environment. I could not have received better support. I truly enjoyed my time at P+P and would really like to see everyone again soon!"
Legal intern in Munich

"Outstanding support!! The provision of an apartment was a great enhancement! Integration into the P+P team through invitations to all events was perfect! Thank you!"
Legal intern in Munich

"The consistent exchange with the mentor was very supportive. The meetings and very thorough correction of the memos I delivered were also helpful. The constant feedback really helped me to adapt my work to the expectations of the mentors."
Legal intern in Munich

"What [P+P] offered was perfectly appropriate for the interests of an intern, one mostly worked independently, without feeling as if one had been left alone. That gives one a feeling of self-confidence and offers good insights into the working world."
Legal intern in Munich

"I really enjoyed the internship! I thought it was great that I was allowed to participate in activities such as the English class and the trainee program!"
Legal intern in Munich

"During my time at P+P, I not only learned a lot about the work of an attorney, but also to appreciate the very friendly atmosphere at P+P..."
Legal intern in Berlin