After 20 years of legal history, P+P now has around 350 employees and more than 130 professionals. To this day, many of the original ideas and values are still living very successfully at P+P. In particular, the emphasis on the personal and economic freedom of the individual in the performance of his activity, the continuous promotion of commitment and entrepreneurial spirit as well as a broad technical and non-specialist education and training of our employees make the law firm unique compared to many competitors.

For this reason, P+P has always been involved in training and apprenticeship - internally in the form of a comprehensive training and further education program for interns, placement students and lawyers and externally within the framework of university co-operations.

Professional training

Younger P+P professionals will be able to participate in courses and programs of their choice through exemptions and special leave arrangements. This is actively and sustainably promoted as part of the permanent internal vocational training. P+P offers internships and traineeships to students and graduates of these courses and/or enables them to enter professional life. For example, P+P Training GmbH will be offering five-months M&A training for junior lawyers this year, with two evenings a week covering topics that need to be considered in practice. The event is open to all interested parties with appropriate previous knowledge.


JurGrad Universität Münster

In cooperation with other law and tax firms, P+P and the University of Münster and, in particular, Prof. Dieter Birk and Prof. Ingo Saenger, have set up postgraduate study courses awarding Master of Laws (LL.M.) and Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) degrees.

As of today, there are study courses for Mergers & Acquisitions, Business Law, Taxation, Real Estate Law, and Private Wealth Management provided by JurGrad ( in co-operation with P+P. JurGrad also offers compact one-week introductory Summer Courses for Mergers & Acquisitions.


EBS Law School

Since May 2017, P+P is partnered with EBS Law School (, the legal faculty of the private licensed EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht (University for Business and Law) in Wiesbaden, Hessen. The goal of the partnership is to cooperate on activities related to national and international commercial law, the consolidation of scholarship and practice, as well as the placement of high potentials in internship and trainee lawyer positions. Within the scope of the cooperation, P+P is involved in specialty lectures (e.g., on the subject of FinTech) and workshops (e.g., on the subject of venture capital or successful conduct of negotiations to prepare for moot court) with practical relevance arising from the day-to-day experiences of a renowned, international commercial law firm. EBS students also have the chance to profit from P+P's international network. P+P also participates in the doctoral seminar with reports from its practice, as well as in the EBS Law Congress. Moreover, P+P professionals will also collaborate as docents in EBS's new LL.M. program, Global Business (begins WS 18/19 or SS 19).

EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht (University for Business and Law) is one of the leading private business schools in Germany. In Wiesbaden and Oestrich-Winkel, 2300 students and doctoral candidates currently study and conduct research in two departments. EBS stands for excellence in research and education, a strong network and internationality. EBS's goal is to educate its students to be responsible decision-makers and support the student's personal growth to their best advantage. Since 2011 as the youngest legal faculty in Germany, EBS Law School offers a full-fledged, classic legal studies program culminating in the state examinations with a focus on commercial law, as well as an integrated Master of Business (M.A.). In addition, with its continuing education courses EBS also supports specialists and management from the business community. There is a focus on research in business applications.


Continuing education in the non-legal skills program

In addition to our professional training and continuing education, we offer systematic and comprehensive training in management and leadership skills.

The 4-year non-legal skills program imparts the essentials that embody the characteristics of good leadership and advisory competence and that are vital for efficient management: project management, presentation techniques, client negotiations, autonomy, leadership techniques, business development and the evolution of entrepreneurial abilities, as well as the development of interpersonal skills by recognizing one's own strengths and weaknesses.

The seminar program is accompanied by the P+P mentoring program, which consists of 360-degree feedback and individual or small group coaching sessions to emphasize various content. In addition, we offer optional courses such as legal writing or intensive contract drafting, mindfulness training or pitch simulation.

Alongside the professional training and continuing education, this training program fosters our advisors on their path to partnership.